Monday, December 12, 2016

Mabelline Colossal big shot voxbox

Recieved my mabelline colossal big shot voxbox today and cannot wait to try the products! I got the mascara and the master precise curvy liner which looks awesome

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rainy But Fun Trick r' Treat

            Well our Halloween did not go exactly as we were expecting. It ended up being a pretty cold and rainy day so instead of going door to door we hit some indoor Trick or Treats. First we went to our local Walmart which had different areas passing out candy the problem with it was there were only four of them in the whole store. Than we went to our Aaron's Lease to Own where they had a party for all of the local kids. It was great there was music, games, prizes, candy, crafts, and a refreshment table. All and all if you can tell in the pic of my three guy6s we had a pretty nice night after all.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Decorating Sense?

         What's your decorating style? Are you modern savvy or classically chic? Do you like clean lines or rustic edges? It took me along time to finally fall into my own when it comes to decorating. Most of my house is pretty primitive eclectic I love antiques, and maps I love bringing old things back to life. My master bedroom however is more modern eclectic with very bold statement pieces and dark colors. I still have vintage maps and accessories just not in the same subtext as the rest of the house.
         When me and Richie got married I was only 19 and had only put stuff together for a girls teenage bedroom. I kid you not our bedroom was the ugliest green colors from ceiling to rugs. But I have learned and grown and now am asked all the time to help others with their decorating dilemmas.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Been Gone But Have Not Forgotten

         Okay yes I have been gone for a few more days and it has been a running trend these last few weeks but that is because I have hardly had enough time to breathe as of late. Primarily my boys have had me on my toes and on the go. Between Halloween prep, flu shots, family outings, bridal showers, and the unexpected guest I am pooped.
         Do you ever have those months where you feel like you are just there, not meaning out of it but that you don't have time to think between moments. Well at the current state of things that is where I am. I have however gotten some other great eco safe products to try and can not wait to review them for you all. With how patient you all have been with me I think you deserve more than one.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vomit, Birthdays, & Grandparents

         I know I know I said I would post more last week but unfortunately I got sick I was down for the count for awhile, and than yesterday was my birthday this old lady turned 23. So now that I have returned from another brief hiatus I would like to talk about grandparents. Not yours but your kids. You know your mom, dad, and the in-laws. I am so grateful that my kids have two sets of doting grandparents.  They are however very very different from each other.
        For example where my mom is the take you out all day and get you whatever you ask grandma my mother in-law is the in the kitchen betty crocker fill you full of cookies grandma.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pros & Cons

          First off sorry I've been MIA for a week crazy week with the kids, and expect a review this Sunday. Now to the topic of today's blog the pros and cons of when your LO stays at grandmas house. Pro you can get a lot more housework done, you can catch up on things like books and shows you normal wouldn't get the time to do, you can eat, use the restroom, and bathe without little hand under the door and on your plate. But than there are the cons like you miss them, let's be honest if you are a stay at home momma your LOs are your best friends so you are probably also lonely.
         We know it's good for them to get away from you for a day and have some one on one time with the grandparents, but it doesn't stop us from missing them. If you haven't guessed Dale is at his grandma's house right now. On the upside the house is spotless and I have even had a bath and lunch and Kaid and I have had alot of one on one time. What are your pros and cons for when the LO's are away? Throw me your lists in the comments below, and if you haven't yet click the link for the apple chips from BARE Fruits contest before it ends!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Santa Haul

              I know I already wrote a post today but I was super excited because the boys Christmas presents came in everything except for some finger puppets we are putting in their stalkings. I present the "Santa Haul".